What is ? is a leading curated marketplace for buying and selling guaranteed authentic pre-owned luxury watches, bags and accessories.

Who are the people behind

The idea behind PreHaute was to make luxury timepieces, bags and accessories accessible to a gamut of audience with the easy of shopping at home. PreHaute is built on a foundation of trust and confidence of its customers, we understand and respect that luxury is not just an item but an experience that can only be achieved when aspects of authenticity, privacy and highest customer satisfaction is addressed – which leads to indulgence ; as the session involves you and your aspiration of luxury items, nothing else.

We have handpicked and collaborated with the best in the market, to stand tall behind our promise – 100% Guaranteed authenticity. Our user interface has been painstakingly developed, fuelled by our passion to offer you the best experience for your transaction.


Mr. Naynesh Pasari

A second generation entrepreneur, MBA from Bentley University –Boston, who is not only passionate about luxury timepieces but has successfully created a reputation for watch brands such as Aries Gold, Ritmo Mundo, Daniel Hector, Dunlop and many more in India through his company Luxury Collections (

Mr. Naynesh Pasari is the founder and CEO of PreHaute and is also involved in the 45 year old family business of manufacturing paper under the name Shree Krishna Paper Mills and Ind Ltd(

Ms. Shradha Pasari Looks after operations and product verification, an MBA from Amity University she has worked in Titan Industries earlier and has hands on knowledge and access to experts who can identify fake products in a minute.

What can I sell on PreHaute?

We accept a wide variety of high end luxury watches and accessories from our customers. For a full list, please see Accepted Brand List section. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and that we accept other brands as well. If you believe your watch to be worth $100 or more, we would be interested in helping you sell it. 

How much is my watch or accessories worth, or how can I get valuation for my watch or accessories?

Our system gathers market data from many sources such as online marketplaces, domestic retailers, third party experts to determine the true market value of a watch and accessories at any given time, ensuring you receive the most accurate and up to date pricing available.

I can’t find the brand I wish to sell on your website

Please email us on and we will make try and get an offer for your product.

Several other criteria such as original retail price, brand, style, age, condition, availability and demand are also considered while proposing an offer. We will propose a provisional price based on the Selling Form and confirm a final price following receipt and examination of your items.

Why should I trust you?

We realize that a pre-owned luxury accessories such as watches and accessories is a valuable thing – both financially and sentimentally. We do not take that lightly. Therefore we have created processes to ensure the safe delivery and inspection of your watch so that we can make you an offer. We appreciate that you have entrusted us with your luxury product and we take that responsibility very seriously. If you have concerns, we are happy to take your through the entire process over phone or email. We ensure that our customers are happy and make every effort possible to maintain and respect their products and identity.

Is my identity safe?

At no point in time, will PreHaute disclose the buyer or seller to any third party. Be rest assured that when you transact on PreHaute, your personal details such as name, telephone, email etc are kept private at all given times. This is our promise and we abide by it at all times.

How do you authenticate items you list?

We follow a strict 5 point authentication process to make sure each and every items listed on the website is Authenticated.  To learn more click here

What happens if item is rejected after you receive it?

In case we find that your items does not conform to the condition to mentioned in the seller form or is found to be inauthentic, you are to bear the cost of return shipping.  We may have to reduce the offer of the item depending on its actual condition, for which we will take a prior confirmation from you.


What is my item does not sell on PreHaute?

There are times when after the expiry of 90 days , items don’t find a new buyer which may be due to multiple reasons such as demand – supply, pricing etc. We will attempt to reduce the price and sell the item with a prior confirmation with you or return you the item free of cost as per your choice.

Are items cleaned before I buy them?

Absolutely. We clean, service and rejuvenate all items before it goes to a new buyer.

How am I helping the environment by choosing PreHaute?

Every time you buy a pre-owned item, you are saving the extensive resources that go into the making of a new product.  We are depleting not only natural resources while manufacturing of a new product, but also increasing the carbon emissions in the environment.

You also save on personal resources when you choose to purchase pre-owned and thereby an opportunity to utilize the differential amount for a greater cause or any other personal need.

How do I get paid?

Once your items is sold you can choose to receive payments either through bank transfer or a cheque. Payments are released within 7 days once product is sold. 

Do you accept products from outside India?

Yes, however for international products we require the product in our warehouse for inspection and rejuvenation, once the offer is confirmed by seller. 

How do I send my product to you?

Once you have sent us the seller form and item details we will arrange for a free pre paid pick up from your location. 

What if I don’t agree with your offer?

No problem.  We will not charge you anything. 

How long does it take to see my items listed on PreHaute?

Please allow us 7-10 days to process your pictures, details, and condition etc. of the item. 

Who covers the insurance of my item?

Until the item has been received by the new owner, PreHaute will insure your item from the time it leaves your location. In a rare event of a parcel being lost or damaged, we will reimburse you (via insurance company) the invoice value of the agreed price between you and PreHaute. 

What happens if I decline the offer acceptance ?

Once we make you an offer and you accept it, you have 3 working days to withdraw the offer if you change your mind. After the expiry of 3 days you are deemed to accept the offer and agree to our Terms and Conditions as listed here. (Click here)