At PreHaute ensuring and establishing authenticity of the products we list and accept is foremost priority.  We guarantee you that all the products on our marketplace are 100% authentic and provide a 30 DAYS RETURN POLICY or your money back including shipping costs.

We not only don't deal in inauthentic goods but also urge you not to submit any consignment which is deemed to be fake. We at PreHaute will be forced to return these inauthentic items at the cost of the seller or destroy them as the case may be. 

How we Check

To help you shop with complete peace of mind, we at PreHaute have ensured a 5 step system to confirm authenticity.

1. Verified ID – Sellers verify their IDs by connecting to their social networks, scanning their official ID's and confirming their mobile numbers.

2. Experts –  Once the product / pictures reaches our database they are vetted by our in house experts who establish authenticity by reviewing the holograms, straps, material, craftsmanship, stitching, stamps, receipts etc. 99% of the items are identified authentic or not at this stage, however as part of our promise we further follow a stringent authenticity check .

3. Market Experts / Retail stores - We re-verify the product by working with outside product experts, comparing the product with available authentic items and in some cases by partnering with selected luxury brands and third party luxury resellers or authorized retail stores.

4. International partner - To further ensure authenticity we have partnered with an International Authenticating agency called  based in Los Angeles, USA.  Our partners confirm authenticity of any luxury item by evaluating detailed pictures of the product. We can offer you a certificate of authentication upon request from our partners once the product is purchased.

5. Product Rejuvenation - Once we are certain that the item is genuine, before shipment to the buyer we perform a multi-step cleaning process on the product which include polishing, buffing, repairing, conditioning and replacing spare parts (extra cost) where applicable. This is the final stage where most products if inauthentic start to show signs of discoloration and material variations.

We understand the importance of trust while shopping for pre-owned luxury items and guarantee you that we follow every step listed above to stand by our promise. 


Top designer brands use the highest quality materials available, and employ the most refined methods to craft their goods. For this reason, counterfeit items in most cases simply cannot match the standards of the genuine articles. They may look strikingly similar, but a variety of smaller details give them away. For buyers of luxury items, it is important to know what sets your purchase apart from all the counterfeit items that flood the market, so here are few handy tips you can use to see for yourself.

    For Watches :-

    1. Case Reference Number.  The best way to assure a Rolex is genuine is to refer to the serial and case reference numbers. They are always engraved on the side of the case, between the lugs. Rolex engraves serial numbers with extremely fine lined characters, while counterfeits tend to feature acid-like etchings with larger lettering/numbering. Additionally, counterfeiters often use the same reference numbers on many watches instead of unique serial numbers.
    2. Rolex Case-backs. Counterfeit Rolex watches often feature either clear or engraved case-backs. A clear one allows for you to see inside of the watch and into the various parts that make it work, while an engraved version can include a logo and other items. Genuine Rolex case-backs are always smooth and never engraved or clear.
    3. Micro-Etched Crystal. Many (but not all) Rolex models made from 2002 to present include a tiny logo etched into the crystal at 6 o'clock. It is quite difficult to see the mark without the help of a magnifying glass. Look for the crown logo, and if you don't see one visit a Rolex certified Rolex dealer for their professional opinion.
    4. Watch Hands and Features. Counterfeit Rolex often have less refined watch details and features. This is why it important to carefully study official photos of the exact model of watch you are intending to purchase. On some watches the hands, dials, and bracelet clasps will differ considerably.
    5. Triplelock Crown Seal. When considering a Submariner sports watch, Sea-Dweller or Daytona, they feature a Triplelock crown with a black o-ring. Most counterfeits don't include this feature, but will utilize basic screw-down threads. Also, newer counterfeits are beginning to feature a similar black seal, but if you look closer, you'll notice that it is only cosmetic and not functional.

    1. Observe the wristband of the watch closely. Genuine leather or quality metals will separate many fake Louis Vuitton watches from genuine Louis Vuitton watches. If the wristband appears tobe leather, check closely for the smell and feel of leather, as opposed to the stiff feel and odd smell of fake wristbands. If the wristband is metal, pay attention to whether it is stainless steel or something that may show signs of tarnish.
    2. Look for the Louis Vitton "LV" logo, as well as a manufacturer mark stating that the watch was made in Switzerland .All Louis Vuitton watches are made in Switzerland, and while this mark can be faked, it is helpful to spot it.
    3. If the watch has diamonds set in the watch face or main watch piece, look closely to assess whether they may be real diamonds or simply crystal or glass Real diamonds will be set securely, so as not to come loose, for example. Having a basic understanding of how to spot genuine diamonds may come in handy if the desired watch contains them.
    4. Note if the watch is made with metal, such as brass or steel. Real Louis Vuitton watches will be manufactured only of genuine stainless steel or polished brass. Cheep, coated metals will be relatively easy to spot. At first glance, they may resemble polished brass, for example, but the coating can usually be loosened and flake off.

    1. The best way to verify the authenticity of an Armani product is to verify it by the code number, which could be found placed on the product tag along with the original logo or Emporio Armani.
    2. Armani watches are made of outstanding material. Anything that doesn't have a fine quality material, has rough edges and does have a brighter shine is not Armani. 
    3. Most of duplicated watches are made in China or Thailand or Hong Kong.Look for these word embedded on your watch "Made in Italy".
    4. Look for Only these spells 'Emporio Armani'. Some of replicates write Emporio Armani 2, 3 or something else looks like this tag line.
    5. Branded product always have their perfect packing on all their branded products. Same is the case over here Armani's watches holds great packing with costly and genuine martial.

    6. For Bags :-

      1. Look closely at the spelling of the Burberry label on the front and interior of the bag. Most of the manufacturers of copied and fake Burberry bags misspell the brand's name in order to steer clear of the copyright laws. If the brand name is misspelled, it is undoubtedly a fake Burberry bag.
      2. Examine the leather or metal plaque with the words "Burberry London" on the internal side of the bag. If you find a cheaper fabric tag on the interior, be certain the bag is not authentic Burberry.
      3. Confirm that the gold or silver leather adorn on the tag inside the bag resembles the other metal tags on the exterior of the bag.  If you find any difference in the external and internal metal tags or find it with a silver tag outside and gold inside, it is not original Burberry bag.
      4. Study the quality of the internal and external stitching on the Burberry bag.Burberry's quality bags feature sinewy, even stitching. If the bag in question has uneven stitching or loose threads, it is indeed a fake Burberry bag.

      • Check the Quality of the Material

      Begin with checking the material used for making the bag. Is the leather of the finest quality, or is it patchy and rough? A fake Gucci bag usually does not have a soft and smooth feel to it, and if youhave felt a designer bag before, chances are that you can spot a fake just by the feel of it. Gucci bags are always made of a high quality fabric or leather. When checking the quality of the fabric, just see if the colour is bright and vibrant. Most fake bags have a dull look about them.

      1. Closely Examine the Stitching and Hardware
      2. Observe the stitching, especially on the underside of the bag. Does it appear to be loose and bears the mark of an unskilled craftsman at work? If yes, that's reason enough to "certify" it as a fake.
      3. The stitching should appear uniform with no threads popping out, especially inside the pockets and on the underside of the bag. Carefully observe the stitching across the length and breadth of the bag.
      4. The zippers, buckles, clasps, buttons, and zip pullers on a fake Gucci bag are of very poor quality, and usually made of plastic. Authentic bags have sturdy metal zippers that operate smoothly, with the brand logo engraved on them. Make sure the zippers of the bag are in order and working fine.
      5. Inspect the Logo on the Bag
      6. The logo is a key feature to watch out for. Check the style and font of the logo, keeping an eye on minor differences in the typeface. A good idea is to carry a copy of the authentic brand logo as a reference.
      7. If it's a bag with the popular "double G" logo, ensure that it's indeed a G and not some other letter! Gucci imitations usually have two interlocking Es in the logo, instead of the two intersecting Gs of the original, with one of the Gs being upside down.
      8. If it's a bag with the GG logo pattern, then closely observe the patterns for symmetry. This, more often than not, is a sure-fire way to immediately differentiate a fake from an authentic Gucci. While the former is most likely to have asymmetric or irregular patterns, the real thing has patterns that are perfectly symmetrical throughout the entire surface of the bag.
      9. It's not just the font of the logo that you should watch out for, but also its clarity and where it is placed. Generally, fake Gucci bags have a lightly engraved logo that is not clearly legible.
      10. In an authentic Gucci handbag, you'll find the logo scattered everywhere―on the zippers and on the inner lining as well. A bag that proudly displays the logoat the front, and nowhere else, is probably a fake. However, this should not be used as the sole criterion to judge the authenticity of the bag.
      • Carefully Inspect the Label and Tags

      The label on an authentic Gucci bag says 'Made in Italy'. Sometimes, you'll find this entirely missing on fake bags, or find the name of some other country. If the leather tag has the logo just printed on it and not engraved, then know for sure that it's a fake. Also, it's not just the logo but also the tags that need to be checked for inaccuracies in spelling and typos. Fake bags are likely to have tags with misspelled words on them.

      • Look for the Serial Number

      The inside label of your Gucci handbag has a serial number consisting 4-6digits. In fact, just the mere presence of a serial number is not enough, as even fake handbags can have it. Once you see a serial number, get it verified from the Gucci website.